Without light, there is no form.
- Louis Kahn


Jones Lighting Design, LLC, is a residential lighting design firm located in Lake Tahoe. Since 1997, we have created distinctive and successful lighting results for projects of all sizes.


Light is a resource that affects every emotion, every fragment of visual information our brains can process. It's the agent we use to see the proportion and magnitude of our world. Jones Lighting Design will help shape your world by using a system of lighting layers to enhance people and architectural surfaces, as well as produce drama through the placement of shadow and light. We can achieve that vision by harnessing the elements of artful composition with the technical ability we've attained through the years.

JLD will help you through the process of identifying your needs and desires by specifying the appropriate fixtures for any budget, providing solutions, and working closely as a collaborative member of your project team.

It’s not magic. It’s just communication, common sense and the competence to guide you through the thousands of available choices.

Ideas, teamwork, innovative use of technology, solutions that work, detailed drawings with specification books and much more go into providing the Client with the very happy results we produce.

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